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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wind the yarn a certain number of times?

Depending how thick you want your project, wind the yarn accordingly. It's up to you to decide how you want your project to be when finished. There are no rules. Make your motif as wispy or as thick as you like.

Can I use different colours on together?

Yes I love to do that, especially if I am turning the loops up. If you use yellow, red, green and navy, and wind 2 rows of each colour, and knot off in the navy, when you turn it to the right side the navy X will come through on the yellow, and when you turn the loops up they will all be coloured in yellow, red, green and navy. There would be hundreds of colour different colour combinations you can get by using the Butterfly Loom, whereas with knitting or crocheting it's virtually just the one colour you can use at a time.

If I am using a special yarn, can I use it as my first row?

Yes, if I am using a special or expensive yarn, I like to use just that yarn as my first row, and then I add something else in either matching or a contrasting yarn. With the blue Mohair Rug, I only used the Mohair as the first row, and then did 4 rows of a matching yarn.

Are there any rules?

No, there are no rules using The Butterfly Loom. It is not like knitting or crocheting where you have to keep to the same ply of yarn. 3ply and 12 ply can be used on together, and it is a great way to use up all the bits and pieces of yarn that have accumulated. Whatever you wind on first will show on the front of your project.

How do I make pompoms?

Very easily... I usually like to wind on at least 3 colours. It gives the pieces more depth. Have a look at the pompoms on the picture of the navy, red and yellow rug. Firstly I wound on 3 yellow, then 3 red and then 3 navy, and knotted in navy. Where the middle 4 X's are, cut around each one of these (1/2 way between each X). Use a wire brush and tease the yarn in the pompom to make it fluffy.

How do I thread ribbon through?

Start your ribbon on the back of the square and take it straight through so that the large cross holds the ribbon in place. On the right side you will have the ribbon showing through, without the large cross showing. Either stitch or hot glue the ribbon in place on the outside edges.

Can I use The Butterfly Loom if I have Arthritis?

Yes certainly. Don't wind the yarn too tightly, and you will find it easy to get the needle in and out. Infact it is a good idea to just let the yarn glide through your fingers when you are Looming.

How do I make a design for my rug or jacket?

You can buy graph paper at the Newsagent, and colour in the blocks with Textas or coloured pencils. If you want to do your rug in blocks, use even numbers, like 6 squares across and 6 squares down. If you want your rug to have different angles and 1 square as the centre point, use uneven numbers, like 7 squares across and 7 squares down.